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Get to know our naturally handmade eyelashes as well as other beauty products to choose from. We can guarantee that our products will always be the go-to for any occasion. Happy Shopping!

Model wearing "The Sassy One" false eyelashes

Hello Pixie!

Your Beauty Comes First

Welcome to your favourite beauty website; beauty that does not break the bank - Pixie Inks Aesthetics. We are beauty suppliers in Canada that ensure the best selection of false eyelashes as well as other beauty products that are crafted to perfection.

Our goal is to be the source of demanding beauty products and to reach out to countries with the largest and most influential beauty markets.​ 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pixie_inks_aesthetics for updates on new products, discounts and codes that will make your day as flawless as your beauty. 

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Model wearing our lash type "The Sassy One"

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