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Erika S - Vancouver, BC

"I am in love with my Heartbreaker lashes! They were so easy to put on. If you have a gala or performance and want your eyes to make an impact I 1000% recommend these! Great quality and perfect length!"

Everlyne D - Vancouver, BC

"Such great quality and very unique selections, i love them so much"

Miriam O - Vancouver, BC

"This lash business exceeded my expectations with their impeccable attention to detail...The result was stunning. Lashes that made my eyes pop. I will definitely go back"

Jiwon L - Seoul, SK

"The lashes are very comfy and light to use! I love them!!"

Belinda A - Ukraine

"I love the lashes sets. My favourite is The Wifey. The lashes are of good quality, affordable and easy to fix"

Vanessa A - Accra, Gh

"One of the best lashes. And it’s worth the money"

Shay K - Vancouver, BC

"OH MY GODDDDDDD!!!! I am in absoulte looooove with these lashes (style is sassy in photo) they hand delivered considering I was 15 min stroll away (unknowingly I would have went to pick it up LOL) literally obsessed with every single thing about them! 10/10 would recommend and 100% will be repurchasing"
Customer review

Dewe Teye - Vancouver. BC

"I love the Wifey lash, looks and feels so natural and also of excellent quality. Money well spent! I love it!!!"

The PreyeWil - Vancouver, BC

"One of the best so for. Got lots of compliments on the baddie set. Love Love"
Customer Repurchase Review
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